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Obtain a FREE (fully funded) flood survey!

We can help you understand the flood risk faced by your business, and how you can better protect your premises, employees, stock and other assets against the risk of flooding.

Our goal is to help you boost the resilience of your business so that you can minimise disruption and bounce back more quickly after flood events. We can help you:

  • Obtain a FREE flood survey.
  • Plan for a flood.
  • Connect with other business owners who may have been affected by flooding or are taking steps to make their businesses more resilient.
  • Understand the role that sustainable drainage can play in reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Understand what property flood resilience is, how it works and what sort of measures would work for your business premises.
  • We can also help you develop new products and services in the growing flood resilience market.

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By taking a few simple steps to protect your business, you can give yourselves a fighting chance of surviving future flooding events. In fact, every £1 spent on property flood resilience measures can save businesses around £5 in flood damage.  Property flood resilience is a term used to describe measures that reduce the risk of flood damage to properties, speed up the recovery process and enable people to get back into their properties quicker after flooding. These measures are installed in business premises, as well as people’s homes, to make them less vulnerable to flooding. Property flood resilience solutions are bespoke to each property; the aim is to identify the measures that are most appropriate for your premises and the type of flooding you face. The first step is a flood survey and we can not only fund a survey by qualified professionals, but also help you understand and act on the findings.


Sustainable Drainage Systems, or ‘SuDS’, describe a range of measures that are used to control water in our environment. They are sometimes referred to as ‘Green-Blue’ systems as they use ‘Green’ measures, such as planting schemes, green roofs, raingardens, to control the ‘Blue’ water. During heavy rainfall, they can help to reduce the pressure on the sewerage system and lower the risk of flash flooding. We can help you understand how introducing SuDS systems can help your business. We’re also working with businesses to help them develop new SuDS services.

In Hull, we’re working with Living with Water to help local businesses and communities benefit from the roll-out of their green-blue vision.


For Humber-based businesses (or if you fancy a day-trip), we host visits to the University of Hull’s award-winning SuDSLab UK. This is a campus-based ‘living lab’ that is testing out lots of different Sustainable Drainage Systems and can provide examples that you can readily introduce on your own businesses premises.


Whether it’s an existing product, a completely new approach to flood resilience or simply adding a new service, we can to support your business through our tailor-made Innovation Support Packages and help you move into the growing flood resilience market.

Located in the Humber region, the Flood Innovation Centre brings together industry contacts, exceptional academic research and cutting-edge equipment to enable businesses with big ideas to transform their goals into a reality and to help our communities become better prepared for rising flood risks.

Whether you’re exploring a new product or approach, you want to access facilities, or you need expert advice, we can connect you with the right people to drive your project forward. Explore our Case Studies, for examples of the organisations we’ve helped.


We can help you understand what to do before, after and during a flood and help you pull together a clear plan with individual roles and responsibilities. Ensure your business is best placed to protect its premises, staff and stock and bounce back quickly from a flood event.


We can work with you on an individual basis, or as part of a group, to provide mentoring support. We can connect you with relevant organisations, whether community-based, business or local government, including mentoring from those previously impacted by flooding. We also run regular online networking forums to help you connect with like-minded businesses and commissioning bodies.

Fri 23 Sept 2022

Save the date for our  free open day for business and community organisations, including a visit from the FloodMobile – a travelling roadshow of all things Property Flood Resilience. Our friendly team will be on hand at the Aura Innovation Centre to discuss any issues relating to flood and introduce our funded services.

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