This interactive workshop, hosted by the University of Hull, aims to gather key stakeholders and community members interested in water, flood management or recovery in order to inform best practices in flood recovery.

The day will be full of activities, opportunities to share ideas and concerns about flood recovery and will include opportunities for networking. To facilitate discussions, we are going to play the University of Hull’s new Flood Recovery board game, so we are hoping to have an entertaining as well as enlightening event.

In the Humber region, agencies have been working together to minimise flood risk. However, we know that flood events will still happen and we need to be ready to effectively respond to future flooding.

At the University of Hull, we have been carrying out research into what effective flood recovery looks like and how society can improve its flood recovery strategies. Our research team draws on the expertise of University’s Energy and Environment Institute and the Flood Innovation Centre and is supported by a grant from the Aviva Foundation.

We recognise that flood recovery needs to be participatory to be truly successful. We have already carried out interviews with key stakeholders in the Humber and wider Yorkshire region, which has informed the development of our Flood Recovery board game. To keep the dialogue flowing, we are organising this workshop with stakeholders and members of the community with an interest in flood recovery. Following the workshop, we will complete a report on best practices that will be shared with all participants, as well as other flood recovery stakeholders, policy makers and the Aviva Foundation.

We have sent out invitations to this event as places are limited. If you feel you would like to be involved, please contact