The upcoming Flooding Conference aims to provide an overview of the latest government legislation and funding for flood management in the UK. The speaker line-up will include presentation of case studies on innovative solutions for flood prevention and management will be from a wide range of rural and urban settings.

The event will provide detail on the 25 Year Environment Plan, which gives a long-term vision for natural flood resilience. The Government’s National Flood Resilience Review focuses on extreme flood scenarios and improving the resilience of local infrastructure. The increasing occurrence of flooding in recent years, across the North in particular, has placed an urgency on the Government to act to protect vulnerable communities and to step up their response to flooding. The major flooding of this past winter has only highlighted this urgent need for investment even further.

As part of this event, Pip Betts, Project Manager for the Flood Innovation Centre will lead a case study discussing how we’re driving innovation amongst SMEs to create new flood products, services and processes in the Humber region.

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