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‘What’s in a Rain Garden? Creative Surface Water Management to Create Biodiversity

Learn how to plan and install small-scale, achievable rain gardens that improve flood resilience by managing surface water and improving biodiversity in our FREE workshop

Rain gardens and rain planters are just two possible components of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS). Mimicking natural processes to filter, slow and store rainwater, they look great and provide green infrastructure and opportunities to create biodiverse habitats.

We welcome Wendy Allen, Garden & SuDS Consultant and John Little, Grass Roof Company and brownfield substrate innovator to help deliver this interactive workshop.

The workshop is aimed at representatives of charities, social enterprises and businesses, whether you’re interested in installing rain gardens on your property or working towards offering rain garden installation as a new service.

We will cover how to plan, construct and install a small DIY rain garden and rain planter, including:

  • an overview of creative & achievable surface water runoff/sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS)
  • how to assess a site
  • calculations for sizing/ordering materials
  • proven methods of small-scale rain garden and rain planter construction
  • suitable plants & planting materials to withstand flood and drought conditions.

We will also look at what can be learnt from brownfield sites and other wild landscapes, in planning rain gardens for urban environments.

The event includes a networking lunch, followed by guided visits to a number of small-scale community sites where we’ll discuss the opportunities for surface water and habitat/biodiversity management. More information on the exact locations will follow shortly – we may be able to provide transport for these afternoon site visits, please indicate during booking if this is requested.

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