[25 May 2021]

Flood Innovation Centre welcome a new addition to our ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project

We are excited to welcome Dr Cecilia De Ita to the research team for the ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project. Cecilia has a background in both environmental and social sciences and has been researching flood resilience in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Her main research interests are on the important issue of reconciling climate change adaptation strategies with environmental conservation and community development and participation. Cecilia will bring her experience of working closely with policymakers, NGOs, SMEs, community groups and private stakeholders to the ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project.

The ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project investigates the forms of support available for communities and businesses after flooding in order to develop a coherent approach to ‘effective’ post-flood recovery.  The project draws on expertise in the Flood Innovation Centre and Energy & Environment Institute and is supported by the Aviva Foundation. Flooding is becoming an increasingly urgent societal issue that is expected to worsen in the future and this project aims to support communities and businesses in building back better after flooding.

Dr Cecilia De Ita
Dr Cecilia De Ita

“With the environmental fluctuations resulting from climate change, the risk of flooding is escalating.  To be able to adapt to these changes, increase our flood resilience and face future challenges, the multiple threads of society need to be strengthened through efficient partnerships that maintain and create innovation, up to date knowledge, and the readiness to accept and adapt to change.

The ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project is an important step towards facing these future challenges and achieving effective post-flood recovery. In the future, it will be more important than ever, for us to learn to listen and provide effective support to each other”
Dr Cecilia De Ita

Cecilia brings a wealth of experience to the Flood Innovation Centre and Energy & Environment Institute at the University of Hull. Her specialities include SMEs and flood resilience, stakeholder engagement, socio-environmental sustainability research, landscape use and management. In the ‘Mapping the Gaps’ project, Cecilia will focus on exploring the issue of ‘effective’ post-flood recovery as well as supporting the serious games workshops. She will join the current team of Pip Betts, Giles Davidson, Steven Forrest, and Kate Smith.

You may find out more about the project here. If you would like to keep up with project developments or get involved, please get in touch at flic@hull.ac.uk